Friday, February 18, 2011

so much fun, so little time! ...shhh, it's a secret!

Hello there - thanks for stopping by!

It's hard to believe that this month is more than half gone...  I know I need to post more often, but the lack of a post in this case just means I'm having fun, ok?  No, I haven't been sick, didn't break my arm or anything..

Yesterday was one of those days - a few errands in the morning, lunch with friends, evening meetup with more friends.... so much fun, so little time!

So,  I'll just tell you what I've been up to so far this month....
For instance, I started another Block of the Month, this one from Little Miss Shabby at
Little Bird BOM by Little Miss Shabby  just scroll down to the info in the right column on her site - all the instructions are there - yardage, layout, etc.  and there's a Flickr page for all those stitching along, too!  There's an amazing assortment of styles and color combos to browse through 8-)  I'm almost finished with the February block - those are 40's/50's reproduction fabrics from LECIEN called "OLD NEW FABRIC COLLECTION SPAICY SCRAP" - it came out in the Fall of 2009, so you won't find it now unless you try eBay or Etsy.

I don't remember many Februaries (plural of February?) when there was a RAINBOW in Western PA.  Other places, maybe, but not here, so I thought this was special (not that I had any impact on the creation of a rainbow, of course!)  My only accomplishment here was in catching the pic!

February 2011 - Quilting 101 class, Monroeville JoAnns
I did teach a few classes this month... my fave is the Q101 class - loved the Newbies!  Not sure whether I should black out their faces since I didn't get and 'model releases' from any of these folks.

 And, I emptied a tote bag that had been full of books & fabrics... now if I could just read those books and make something from that fabric!

I did make a little sample for the next Quilting 202 class - this will be running during April and May at the JoAnns in Greensburg and Monroeville - where I teach.  Hoping to have lots of students for this fun little quilt... this could be a big stash buster - takes small quantities of 10 fabrics, but of course, the folks at JoAnns would like you to buy theirs....
Q202 class sample - April - May 2011
Not many people know that I'm a 'mid arm quilter' - meaning I quilt on an HQ16 (named Helga) - and occasionally I quilt for others...  and I recently finished this beauty for Virginia.

Virginia's Bright Braids

Now for the secret....
Today's project is a new handbag design from StudioKatDesigns - did you know I'm also a pattern tester?
I'll take some pics as I go along to give you a few hints... but the big reveal is at least a month away....  she does have some preliminary samples on her blog - just click the link above.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jaybird has a giveaway on her blog today - Pink Chalk Fabrics! Yumm!!

Here is the link - leave a comment or 4 to get into the drawing!

...and remember...

Have a wonderful Monday!