Friday, September 2, 2011

Someone's in the basement with Helga....

Hi friends,

I'm a little busy today trying to quilt my Happiness Key Mystery Quilt - designed by Pat Sloan, blogged in tandem with author Emilie Richards fabulous novel...  a trilogy perfect for summer reading... I read a total of 7 of her books this summer.  They were all tough to put down - no wonder I got so little quilting done the past couple of months!
This pic was taken with about half the applique and embroidered words - it looks much better than this now - really!

You can see the results of the other HK quilts and a few assorted challenges along the way at the Flickr group here.  I'll add a pic of my finished quilt as soon as I get the binding on... I promise!!!

Have to get busy so I can party with family tomorrow!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is here already!

The past two weeks have been a blur - I know I was in Philadelphia at the Bead Fest (Oaks) for a day, had a wonderful visit with my lovely daughter, toured the new headquarters of Quilts for Kids, and spent a horrible amount of time doing laundry...  oh, yes, now I remember...  dear sweet hubby was working on the plumbing while I was away, and I've been cleaning up the after effects ever since!

The good part is that the kitchen sink is now draining nicely.  I won't dwell on the still ongoing cleanup efforts.

I did manage to get a little fabric postcard made for my FATraders exchange group.
Fiber art by Thea McCurry
This was for the "Dog Dayz of Summer" trade.  Couldn't resist this little snoozing pooch.

As much as I love summer weather, Hurricane Irene has been tough on some of my friends & family lately.  Sure hope the folks in Vermont are able to get back to normal soon.

Would love to visit longer, but there is thunder & lightning here today, so this is brief.

Hoping to post again soon!
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.