Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art Quilt Wednesday

In about an hour, I'll be taking my traveling DSM, picking up a friend, and heading to a day of art quilting fun with my "creative quilt guild sisters".  Not that all quilters aren't creative! 

Today's project will involve random strippy piecing ala Rayna Gillman.  We are following the directions in her recent article for Quilting Arts Magazine

Each of us is taking a bag of scraps... I'm just hoping I don't bring home more than I take!

This issue of Quilting Arts, btw, may be the best issue since the first issue - don't miss it!  It is jammed with fun and inspiration for fiber folk.

maybe later I'll post some pics - be good!

love, granny

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Tip for Marking Quilts with Blue Chalk

well, first of all, don't mark quilts with colored chalk - not the kind used on a blackboard - it just doesn't wash out!

But if you are using a blue chalk pounce pad....  you probably already know how hard it is to get that blue chalk out, too!

The solution - from the HQ16 webinar - dilute the blue chalk powder with plain baby powder (not the kind with corn starch) - use 2 tsp. blue chalk to a cup of baby powder (or other talc) and the color comes out much easier.  It is still plenty blue enough to show up, don't worry!   I was surprised to see how easy the chalk and talc mix together.

That makes much more than will fit in a pouncer, of course, so you'll need to store it in a labeled plastic bag or other waterproof container - clearly marked!  It might help to date the mixture, too, so you'll know how long it takes to use it up.  I've been surprised to see that my pouncer chalk supply has already lasted a couple of years.  It seriously goes a long way!

To remove the chalk marks, turn the quilt face down on a fluffy terry towel and 'spank' them right into the towel!  That's if any chalk remains by the time you are done with the quilting, of course..... 'cause if you are quilting right over those lines, there won't be much.

Now, I am overdue at the quilt frame.
Quilt happy!