Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for 2012

I have a lot of 'UFO' projects from past years... I found another one this morning - thankfully, with all the backing and binding fabric in a tidy zippy bag - the date on the backing fabric is 1995....

UFO from 1995

UFO - current decade...

backing fabric of UFO - another current decade

UFO - a mystery quilt started in early 2000's

Scrap buster from 2011 ready to quilt

Now, I'm not sure where they are hiding... but I think I have some blocks waiting to become quilts - or possibly tote bags - such as this one I did recently:
....proving that there's more than one way to 'finish' an 'unfinished object'!

It's a good thing to take inventory once in a while - I wonder what else I'll find?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

I honestly don't know how the years go by sew fast... but here's a little review of what I accomplished last year:
I finished this . . .
Made a bunch (5 or 6?) of these kitty beds . . .
took a few trips... mostly to quilt shows, one to a Bead Fest and sometimes just to see the ones I love.

In short, I enjoyed my family, my friends and my sewing, art and crafty projects.
I taught others to craft, dye, sew and quilt.
I thrived in the love of a wonderful husband.
I traveled - to NY, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia -
not far from home, but far enough to appreciate home when we returned!

I invite you to form a list of all the places you went last year, all the things you made (besides $) and most of all, all the people who love you.  It's amazing how good life is when you see it from the right angle!

sew on!