Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Journal page

Here it is... my humble offering for the journal page swap...
theme this month is weddings...
The front is a wedding dress, a scrap of lace, a bouquet and a ribbon waistband... all on a painted scrap of cereal box with a ribbon tab.  The back is a piece of wallpaper from a sample book.  Lots of glue & paint on the page this month! 

I've quilted 7 small quilts this week - the 4 blue & brown (Moda fabrics - yums!) and a Mickey Mouse, and a bright one with smaller animals - all waiting for bindings!  The last one is a wall hanging for a friend.  No pics of these at the moment - I may edit this post if I get pics of these - they don't look very photogenic without their bindings, ya' know!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shop Hop Marathon

Hi all,
For the past two days, I've been on the roads of Western PA visiting 11 quilt shops - up, in only two days.  My friend's new car has a LOT more miles on it now, and she has had lots of practice using her new GPS, too!  Happy to report that her new car is comfy and the a/c works great as temp both days was in the mid-90's!

This morning I poured out all my purchases and sorted into tools, patterns, small fabric precuts and fabric yardage.  I think there's enough here to keep me occupied well into next year.  I will not publish any additional incriminating evidence. ;-)

This afternoon, I'm going to The Quilting Grotto (my basement sewing & craft room) and quilt on a bunch of those Quilts 4 Kids quilts - and maybe play with my die cutter and lay out a journal page (or two) for June.

Watch for more pics as soon as those quilts are done - the tops are beautiful!  All from the same fabrics.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nature always has the last laugh

Have you ever not asked yourself "Where has the time gone?" 
It just doesn't stand still... no matter what, no matter how much we try to slow life down, it just rolls on. 
Sometimes leaving us to 'dust off' and get on with our lives even when life throws us on our backsides. 

The good part of all this is that time does not drag for the caretaker who is not hospitalized.  I've hardly been home for the past month except to unpack and repack the car, do some laundry, grab a snack and go - to teach, to nurse, to nurture...  and hoping that I don't fall asleep at the wheel!

So, what have I been up to? 
learning how to blog with the 'new and improved' blogger... again!
researching drug interactions (not for myself!) and driving hubs back & forth to hosp & dr visits
finished a beautiful quilt on commission...

teaching 50+ active youngsters ages 3 to 10 for a week of craft projects
 ...these are the kids in the t-shirts that I silk screened...they added the colors!
these are some of my 'best boys', above....

making a few quilted postcards...
making a few of these class samples...
prepping a couple dozen kits for Quilts 4 Kids (similar to these, for others to sew, hopefully!)
Greensburg Modern Quilt Guild with their quilts for "Quilts 4 Kids"
and two quilts for new baby boys ready to deliver soon to Jonathan
 and... Wyatt

such precious little bundles...

making a big batch of paper clay for molding faces, etc.... not very photogenic stuff, really!

adding to a 'round robbin' online/mail quilt exchange
 I just added that simple bit at the bottom... click the link above to see others in progress.

...and this being the season for weed pulling - which I know is futile, as Nature always has the last laugh, but mostly Nature laughs in flowers. In my yard, morning glories....  And that reminds me - I have more seeds to plant!
 loving my pink petunias!  yes, planter is an old work boot...  now for sunflowers and nasturtiums!

bye for now! time for lunch with friends...