Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fun in the kitchen - don't assume I cook~!!!!

This is a "Technique Week" on the Yahoo Group Fiber Art Traders - we are having 'fun in the kitchen' this week, experimenting with 'natural' dyes - so if roses and kool-aid count, I'm in!

Here's my progress so far:
Black Cherry Kool-Aid makes awesome dye - 4 pkts per quart w/T salt

Red Rose petals steeped in salty water yielded a beautiful pink/purple dye bath

results of black cherry kool-aid

I did socks, too... this is still wet in this pic.

turmeric make a really intense yellow dye - a little goes a long way!

Lutradur does not take the dye very well... boo!

but I kept trying anyway!

the jar has half  turmeric, half b-c/k-a
and the results:
wet - after microwave heat setting... turmeric, black cherry, red roses

finished, pressed and folded - ready for art - Lutradur, muslin, Kona pfd, old socks, and cotton batting scraps
The pieces at lower right were dyed with a small jar of "leftovers" to get an orange transition - and the pink blotches on the pieces at lower left.... that's where the roses and the black cherry made friends while still wet...

Today's process... resist!  Of course I can't resist resist!

Hoping to have time to post more results later ~ bye for now!