Tuesday, June 11, 2013

nope, still lost....

well, really, I'm not lost today - but my blogger reading list is gone...  for over a week the list links were not working.  now the list is completely gone.  I'm a little upset, since I got up early this morning to read the latest blog news and it now tells me that I do not follow ANY blogs!!!!  of all the nerve.

now I did have the good sense to copy the whole list, so I do have a record of the blogs I was following, but now will need to find them all again and 're-follow' to create another reading list.

this is not the result I was hoping for when I sent the feedback about the error code I was getting on the links.... sigh...

sorry, Madame Samm, SewCalGal, PatSloan, and about a hundred others... I'll find you all again soon, I hope!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

lost in space again... but finally found my way

Hello there,

in case you had not heard, yes, I was ill way back in March, then I adopted a new dog, Domino... say hello...
She's a Papillon - a type of miniature Spaniel, very energetic and intelligent!  She already has me well trained, and likes to keep me company in the upstairs sewing room!

She does not like to sit on my lap if I'm doing handwork, or I should say she does not like me doing handwork when she is in my lap... so progress on my hexie project is a little slower than I had hoped, but she is very good at removing the hexie papers for me when I'm not looking!

I don't have a more recent picture, but it now has two points added, and the 3rd and 4th are ready to add.  As I am now out of the gray/pink on the first four triangles, the last two will be a different pink.  Very tempting to take it all out and start over, but that would be several month's work... sorry, just can't go there!

I've also been making monthly tags for swapping... there is a different theme or technique each month - some have been easier than others. 
These are my favorites so far.. Gelli printing and stencils - sweet!

Summer is just around the corner - time to take the dyes and paints outside for some messy, colorful fun...

I'll try to find my way back to Blogger sooner next time.