Monday, September 17, 2012

Daffycat Day TUSAL check in for September

Here's my update for September... well it's hard to call it an update since this is the first time I've posted TUSAL.

My ORTs are present and accounted for... on the day of the new moon!
full quart!
August journal page - based on a song or movie - I know, this shows my age...

this is my humble addition to a progressive quilt...

just a little orange and purple...
this has been made into a travel pillow - and is now on display at Zara's Place!

my second paper pieced tree has found a home on my Ackfield Wire table top quilt stand!

yes, I'm doing a winter quilt in greens... go figure! 
 This (above) is the third of the three panels in the Crabapple Hill Quilts pattern ... started last January while dh was in surgery getting his new pacemaker.  This panel is going MUCH faster than the other two!

I made 9 tea wallets so far... these little things are sew addictive! - see my tutorial for these!
Here's a link to the wallet tutorial
I also free motion quilted this little bag - and discovered that installing a zipper on a curve is a lot more 'interesting' than a straight one!

So that's it for today - I've decided to shop for a prettier container - maybe an elegant tall vase?  I was so sure I still had that enormous brandy snifter from Princess House... but it's either been broken, given away, or is really good at hiding!

Now, if you'd like to know what the other 400 or so Totally Useless Stitch A Long'ers are storing their snippets in... check out Daffycat's blog for the linkups!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tutorial - Teatime Wallet

This little wallet is so easy and fast - make them in sets of 3 or 4 - keep a few around for gifts.
Also good for credit cards, "Courtesy cards", gift cards, loads of uses!

I honestly don't know who originally came up with this concept, but since I started looking around to see what others posted for ideas for this, I've found at least a dozen versions on blogs and websites.  I sincerely hope I'm not violating any copyright laws by posting this here for my guild.  I wrote these instructions myself - they may or may not be similar to the instructions on a published pattern.

Finished size:  3 ¼” x 4 ½”
For 3 wallets, 
cut 7” strips across the full width of 2 fabrics (WOF)

Sub-cut 2 contrasting fabrics in the following sizes:
Fabric A:   Cut a piece 7” x 5” – for outside
                  Cut one 7” x 7” for ‘tall’ pocket

Fabric B:   Cut one piece 7” x 5” – for lining
                  Cut a piece 7” x 4 ½” for ‘short’ pocket
                  a scrap for yo-yo

Also:    1 coordinating button (smaller than the yo-yo)
            A piece of ribbon or elastic approx. 5” long – I use pony tail elastics from the dollar store.
            1 small contrasting yo-yo (optional – not recommended with a large button) 

Fusible lightweight interfacing cut 6 ½” x 4 ½”
– attach to wrong side of outside wallet piece only – centered on a 5"x7" piece.

Also - you can get 4 wallets from 2 fat quarters if you cut them just right.
CUT 7” X 18” STRIPS FROM 18” X 22” FQ
subcut sizes as above  ––  4 WALLETS FROM 2 FQ’S!   2 of each ‘arrangement’. 

Cut 4 SETS of 5 x 7
Cut 4 SETS of pocket pieces (1 each 7x7 and 4 1/2" x 7)
save the leftover pieces for yo-yo's! you'll need 4 1/2" squares for the yo-yo's, but they are optional!

If your button of choice is large or has a shank, you may want to skip this step, but to make a yo-yo without one of those new fancy plastic molds, you can use a canning jar ring to make a small one.  Just trace around the inside and outside to define your 'foldover' - baste with a double thread in your needle, and pull up the gathers and tie a knot.  Don't pull it up too tight - you want your button to nestle down into it, not sit on top.

NOTE:  as a substitute for a yo-yo – use a circle or flower shape cut with a die cutter!  (use a fusible, of course!)  fused under button placement.

Fold pocket pieces in half lengthwise and press so they are both 7” along folded edge.  Thread machine with topstitching thread, lengthen stitch length, topstitch ¼” in from folded edges of both pockets.
NOTE:  you may need a jeans needle or topstitching needle to accommodate the denser fabric layers and 40wt threads.

pockets are top-stitched

Stack pockets on right side of lining (5x7) fabric.
Baste pockets along outside edges –if using a heavy top stitching thread, resume use of regular sewing thread until ready for final top stitching.

Baste elastic in place on left side – button on the right side.

You are now ready to join the outside and lining together.....

With elastic in correct position opposite button… layer right sides together and pin.   
Make sure pockets are upright so that wallet opens to the right.

I used lots of pins to hold the layers together....

Sew around  outside edges - use a 'generous' 1/4" seam, leave an opening at the top back edge (the side the elastic is on) for turning - you want to be able to get your thumb into that hole!

I sew straight off the edges, then come back and angle the corners like this.

Trim seam allowances at corners to reduce bulk - trim away any extra fusible interfacing while you're at it...

I like to press the seam allowance open - put a piece of cardstock (a postcard that's fallen out of a magazine works great!) against the seam line where the opening is and press against the cardstock to fold open the seam allowance.  Pressing this open now will make it easier to match the edges after you turn it right side out.  Not a critical step, but helpful.

Turn wallet right side out

Use a blunt stick to push out corners and seams - press.

Before top-stitching, confirm that wallet is assembled correctly and that elastic reaches button!

Put the top stitching thread back in your machine and...
Top stitch 1/8” away from edge, catching the opening within the seam allowances which were previously pressed.
Trim thread ends, using a drop of sealant such as “Fray Check” to secure ends of topstitching.

Wallet is now ready to take to tea!

   Tea Bags, sweetener, credit card - ready for shopping!

Go ahead - try it - bet you can't make just one!