Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Ranger Bob tells us all about the museum.
Our recent field trip in Dayton, Ohio...
beautiful mural on outside of museum!  just wish blogger would let me turn it upright!

notice the bicycle chain?  but this is not a bike!

model of the Wright Bros plane showing use of bicycle chains and leverage - not a very comfortable ride! - but it flew!

wait.. what's this?  a sewing machine in an aviation museum????

 I never knew that Sewing Machines and Bicycles were made by the same company!

Wright Brothers Cycle Co in Dayton Ohio - just a short walk from their boyhood home!

Getting our picture taken by a friend.  Nice comfy buses waiting at the curb.

Bike tools on display in the Wright Brothers shop.

Last call - board the bus now or be left behind!

Officers Club on base - why won't Blogger let me turn the picture upright any more???

Hope they don't try to use the fireplace....
 Onto the bus again... to the Air Force Museum - grand opening of new B52 exhibit!
Why we love the B52 - job security!

renewing friendships is a big part of the trip!

more info on B52

Interior of B52 - the space hubs used to work in!

always lots of good stories around the tables!

...and another story!

Musical entertainment after dinner was excellent! 
These pics are from our recent B52 Association Rendezvous in Dayton Ohio.  Over 200 of us enjoyed this bi-annual event.  Our next Rendezvous will be in Colorado in 2014.   I now have several new quilting friends among this group of B52 devotees!