Friday, May 14, 2010

my latest adventure...

Yes, this is a sink - at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA - this is the sink in the ladies room.... 
I've never seen another one like it anywhere else.
I was there on Tuesday with my dd - for the Art Quilts on display - which were wonderful, but when I posted about the gallery, I forgot this pic, so it's a  bit of an afterthought, but I wanted to share it anyway.

and this is a peek at one of the art quilts that impressed me - done with 'discharge' from a photograph.  Most of them were much more colorful!
as soon as I arrived home and changed into clean clothes - we were out the door to our gd's school concert - she is second from the right - girls this age don't hold still... sorry!

I did manage to get a shot of the 6th graders during their performance of the "Lion King" medley - they all had their faces painted to match their characters - so darn cute!  They all did a great job - very talented kids we have here!

Hope you are all enjoying a song in your heart!


  1. What an interesting sink! Wa it fully functioning? it looks so shallow, I think I'd be banging my hands on the bottom! Love that discharged image - not a technique I've had the nerve to try yet - have you Thea?
    Looks like the year end concery was lots of fun

  2. Oh yes, the sink functioned with hot & cold running water, drain, all the usual sink functions!
    I have tried discharge - I tried it on some black yardage and made a quilt from it a couple of years ago. Been meaning to try it again, but can't seem to get "around to it"... like so many other things!!!
    The concert was LOTS of fun, and then we stopped for ice cream on our way home!


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