Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Embroidery practice, noisemakers and memories

It has been a while since I applied embroidery to fabric in a mindless, random manner.  In all honesty, it would not have occurred to me to do it this week, except for a prodding from the FAT group having an "Embroidery Technique Week" so here is what I have so far:
I'm still working on this piece - there will be lots more stitches, some beads, silk, wool, more of that yummy variegated thread (Tentakulum Painter's Thread - Flower Thread - 101 Macke) from Germany - thank you Nadine and Valentina! 

The soft golden felted wool is from a vintage plaid - felted in the washing machine.  The linen background is a scrap of vintage drapery fabric - at least I think it was meant to be for drapes; not sure, but it has a hefty hand and takes embroidery really well!

It has been a productive month - I have 30 blocks ready for sashing, finished quilting on the Turkey Tracks quilt (come back for a pic next week, I'm still binding it.) The final border is on another Kid's Quilt, I now have 12 kid's quilts ready for quilting.  Sure hope I have enough batting for all those!

Last week, I served as 'Arts & Crafts Coordinator' for FPC's Vacation Bible School - they used the 'Re-New, Reuse, Recycle' theme, so all the crafts had to do with recycling something.  Scrapbooks made from wallpaper samples were a huge hit...

The rest of the week went by in a blur.... of heat, activity, wet shredded paper, tp tubes, seeds, crayons, ribbon, markers, and noise.  One of the projects for the preschoolers involved a wide assortment of recycled containers with lids, containing objects that made noise.  Once all the containers were taped shut, we 'paraded' up and down the hall making varying degrees of rhythmic racket with a wonderful degree of enthusiasm!   That's the picture I wish I could share with you, but there isn't one, except in my memory!

Hope you are filling your summer with wonderful memories, too.


  1. oh that embroidery looks wonderful - love the texture. You've been one very busy lady! The kids all look like they had a great, fun day! I'm with you, I don't know how those teachers do it!

  2. love the texture on your stitched piece. happy summer!


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