Monday, July 19, 2010

note to self.... back up!!!

It has been over a week and my computer is still at the shop.  Apparently, if the caps lock and num lock key lights start blinking simultaneously, it is a very bad sign - back up the hard drive and make arrangements for a new computer.

So, after we dropped said computer off at the TECHIE, we realized that I seriously need a back up computer, so we went directly to BestBuy to see what is on the market these days.  DH found a sweet little DELL notebook at an almost affordable price and after a few questions with the sales rep, proceeded to try to purchase said sweet little DELL.... this was at 5:30 PM.  We were expecting to spend about an hour or so making this purchase, getting the set up details resolved, etc.  I went off to test the Wii PingPong game on the Wii Sports Resort demo across the store.... it took me several tries, but I eventually won a game!  It's a lot of fun, and now I know what to ask Santa for... 8-)

I went back to see how DH was coming along with the process, only to find a larger assortment of techies gathered around trying to figure out how to actually SELL the computer since the BB System would not let the sale go through without a serial number, but it would not accept the serial number on the computer...???? what the????  I went back to the Wii game and tried my hand at flying the plane - not successfully - crashed it into the first thing I came to... went to the archery - again unsuccessful...  went back to the table tennis - that's my game!

Much to our surprise and dismay, we were STILL THERE at 9:30 PM - 30 minutes after closing, with store managers, techies, and department head STILL unable to complete the sale.  It was almost bedtime for us, so dh told them "I'll be back" in his best Scwhartzie voice and we left.   I'm not blaming anyone at the store - they all seemed baffled, but I'm sure they are all actually very compitent people (and very frustrated, too!)

DH went back the next day and they were still unable to complete the sale... and dh was told that it is a "BestBuy system wide issue" with that particular model.  Another WHAT THE?????

.... so he called me from the store to discuss.  I had really liked the DELL model, but he came home with a TOSHIBA, which is working rather well, and has satellite installed, so now I can get internet reception anywhere I can get cell phone reception.  This is a good thing, altho a tad expensive - at least I can keep up with the cyberworld friends even if I'm on the road - as I love to go places, this is a good thing!

Now if only they had thrown in a Wii as a consolation gift....

Here's a sneeky peeky at my latest
inside pocket

finished bag

Back to the studio to clean up the clutter and then to quilt a baby quilt that is almost a twin size~!

Yes, I'll try to snap a pic for you before it goes off to it's new baby owner. 

Bye for now!


  1. oh my goodness! What a pain - seems so hard to believe that you can't even buy something when you want to, and at a techie store no less! I have a Toshiba which is on it's last legs now - no simultaneous flashing lights yet, but a few other issues starting to appear! Can't wait to see your latest quilt!

  2. now thats modern technology for you.

    but what would we do without it :)


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