Saturday, August 7, 2010

music and stitches go well together

I happen to live if a wonderful town.  I mean that.  In spite of the downturn in the economy and all the penny pinching everyone is enduring, I'm in a town that still has free concerts in the park every Friday evening during the Summer.  This is due to the efforts of volunteers and sponsors who produce wonderful concerts by talented troubadours of all descriptions - check this link to see what I mean....
The concert series is called SummerSounds, and includes 'something for everyone' as they say.  Last night was perfect for an outdoor concert - and the crowd was VERY appreciative of the outstanding efforts of the musicians in The English Channel
There was a second encore, even!  The band did an incredible job, and they were loud enough that nobody could hear me singing along.  Which was good, cause dh was singing, too!  All the English music from across the pond that we enjoyed s-o-o-o much back in the ??'s sounded just as good last night as it did then!  Yes, I know, some of you weren't even born yet, but I'll bet even you would still recognize some of these tunes!

Now, I realized just as we were loading the car that I have a deadline approaching for a piece of needlework, so I grabbed my embroidery box as we ran out the door.  While the light lasted, I worked on this little bitty quiltie for a 'Uniqueness of Women' challenge due soon.  The upbeat music kept the stitches flowing along and I accomplished more than I expected:
 that's a scrap of silk under the transfer of the Geisha so it shows on the busy background - still have to work on the other side and finish the edges....
second side is the "Princess" transfer.  Thanks to Lonnie Rossi and eQuilter, I was able to find small black and white images that I could use.... sure wish I could draw!  maybe in another lifetime 8^0
I used  a yellow highlighter to accent the robe and then transferred that to a scrap of yellow cotton.

This was my first experience with TAP, Transfer Artist Paper from C&T.  It was so easy!  Like pressing a hanky, only better!  The transfer even let me 'color in' with a highlighter before I transferred - although the colored pencils didn't work, only scratched the surface so the transfer medium was damaged - not good!!!
But anything soft or liquid, like a brush pen, will work great to color in details on a black & white transfer, and YES, you can color right on the transfer!  How awesome is that?

I had done the transfers earlier in the week and had them ready to apply, and the threads, needles, etc. from my last embroidery were still in the box, so I worked with what was there.

So now it's Saturday morning, and it's time to tidy up a bit. 
See you again soon!
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Happy stitching!


  1. I love outdoor concerts! OUr little city does the same thing throughout the summer, with a really good variety of music. On some Fridays, they even have a local dance studio come out and do dance demos and short lessons - so you can learne to dance and listen to great music for free!
    Your embroidery piece looks fabulous - looks like it was very inspiring music - singing and stitching - you are multi talented! I've not tried TAP - how does it work?
    hugs, J

  2. Our outdoor concerts in Arizona are held in the late fall, winter, and early spring. I love the variety of music we are able to attend for free.

    Love the little quiltie. I haven't tried TAP but it is on my "to-do" list.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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