Thursday, September 16, 2010

much needed rain, just as I'm going out!

It is pouring rain - I'm typing this now as a procrastination, since I don't really want to go out in that downpour and get soaking wet just to mail my art trades.

here is what I've done lately -
this is at C&T Publishing:
done for their new product "Liquitex® Acrylic Iridescent Medium" which was so much fun to play with, I had a hard time deciding what to do for the project - it can be used on almost anything, wood, paper, clay or my personal favorite - fabric!  This piece will be traveling with them while they introduce the new product at shows, then go to a retailer for display.  I won't get it back, so I'll have to make another one for myself!  Of course, it would never be possible to make two of these identical - so the next ones will all be different and unique!  That's what I love about fiber art!   Go to C&T's website for more info on their new products, including the new inks!

The 4x6ers theme this month is 'Symbols' so I chose... oops, can't tell yet - it's a surprise, but here's a little hint: 

and FIBER ART TRADERS are swapping ATC's based on "Women In Construction" - so I did a little self-portrait set based on the plumbing I did on my first house back in 1970....  this was not the original blue print, that has long since dissintegrated; but a little freebie I found on the www:
which I put on the ATC along with a washer and a pic of myself that was taken a little while before I actually did that plumbing....
and, by the way, I want to send a BIG thank you to the Techies at STAPLES who helped me through my computer woes this summer - they were very helpful and supportive - and I don't blame any of it on them personally!  Especially now that I have a working computer!
I guess I'll have to find my raincoat and umbrella and get this over with. 
Hope you are safe and warm, whatever your weather is doing!


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