Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suspense in the sewing room.... the mystery is solved!

The Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - Roll Roll Cotton Boll - is 'solved' at last...  here is the version I've drawn in EQ7, which is not quite accurate, but will give you an idea how this will look...  to see more completed versions, you would need to join the QUILTVILLE Yahoo Group and browse through the album - some of the other color schemes are wonderful...or check Bonnie Hunter's blog here - but if you're not into that, you can make do with this, at least in theory:

However, the reality is this:
and each of these little darlings is taking me about 45 minutes, so it may be a while yet before all of these blocks are assembled and combined with their alternate blocks (which are completed and trimmed) and assembled into the top, and then I'll be working on those lovely pieced borders - which my sketch above just doesn't really portray accurately at all!  Those little shapes are not diamonds, they are squares!... and there are hundreds of them patiently waiting in strips, resting comfortably in their own little drawer. 

... and I'm debating with myself whether to make this a square quilt - instead of a long quilt - because the square will be plenty big enough for our bed anyway.  And then I could make a table runner for a 10' banquet table from the leftovers!  Anyone have a 10' table that needs a tablerunner?

Check back soon for a tutorial on this block - I just need a snow day to get it ready!

I've named this "Thea's Star" since I could not find it online or in any of my quilt block reference books.
I've gotta run - teaching another class this morning!

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