Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March onward to the finish line... and a bit of Oscar

I finished a few things last month - so I thought I'd post a few pics while I'm thinking about it...
Sue Luxbacher won 12 of these blocks on Feb 28th at the QCE meeting - congratulations, Sue!

RRCB quilt blocks are all done and pressed - hope to get these assembled in March (yikes, better get started!)
FATraders Button Doll #1  Lacy Jane

FATraders Button Doll #2  Time Flyer

Cottage Rose class sample finished for Monroeville JoAnns

Inside of new Studio Kat Designs handbag coming out THIS MONTH!!!

Little Blue Bird Quilt - Entered in Three Rivers Quilt Show

Turkey Tracks (Wandering Foot) Also entered in Three Rivers Quilt Show

Finished Studio Kat Designs handbag - front

and back - love that zippered pocket - so easy to make!

Finished these 2 Little Miss Shabby's "Little Bird" Block of the Month

Easy as Pie tote from THE BAG MAKERS BIBLE


 Now, February only had 28 days, or I might have gotten a couple more bags done... I have one cut out and waiting for assembly on the cutting table, so if you'll excuse me, I'll talk about the OSCARS now...

I just want to say that the critics were much too hard on the performances of James Franco and Anne Hathaway - I've been watching the Oscars since the early 60's and I thought this year's presentations were very entertaining.  Altho James Franco looked exhausted (have to wonder about the schedules these entertainers are on since he hopped a plane and didn't even get to enjoy the after parties...) I enjoyed almost every bit of it, including the appearance of Kirk Douglas - whom I did not recognize or understand, but I was glad to see that he's still on his feet and recuperating from a very serious stroke!  Kirk has always been one of my favorite actors - a rags to riches guy with a better pelvis than Elvis!  OH MY!! did I really say that?  I wasn't always this old, ya know?

Gotta go - lots to do today!


  1. I LOVE your Blue Bird square!!! It is beautiful~

    I did not watch the Oscars this year but I like Anne Hathaway.

  2. Lovely blocks and quilts...I've enjoyed reading this...and have to echo Cathy about the blue bird square..
    Tamara http://incomparablebuttons.blogspot.com


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