Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday is DYE DAY!!!

It looks like today is THE DAY!!
I've been studying Mickey Lawler's SKYDYES book on fabric painting for some time now... I have my full set of Setacolors, buckets, sponges, brushes, a bolt of white fabric, a waterproof apron, rubber gloves and perfect weather!  Actually, the weather has been the most difficult, since it always seems too hot, too cold, too windy... but today is cool, clear, and calm.  Today is IT.
Don't try to call me - my hands are busy.... see you tomorrow!


  1. Thea, I cannot wait to see what you produce with your DYEING today, how has it gone so far. Fabric dying has always been so interesting, but, I just never found an opportunity to try it out, now, I await your trials and tribulations or triumphs with this medium.....You go girl.

  2. guess what I forgot? Sunscreen!!!! O-U-C-H...

  3. Want to see! I know if I ever tried this I couldn't stop.


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