Friday, August 12, 2011

putting on the brakes - what to do when the quilt back is too short...

So yesterday, I thought I was making great headway on a little scrap quilt.  I had pieced the back according to "John's diagonal method" and thought I had plenty of backing under this little quilt.
I realized just in the nick of time that the backing was going to be about 4" shy of getting to the edge of the last border...  YIKES!!! how did that happen?  I had measured so carefully - this just could not be!

I checked again... yes, for sure, it would not reach. Just a few inches.

So, what did I do you ask?  (or maybe not...)  I stopped right there in the middle of the quilt.  I took the whole thing off the frame, and cut the existing backing fabric about 6 inches away from the quilting I had just finished - in a nice straight line.... well, okay, I confess - I actually TORE that strip off.  I had a 'short' piece left in the 'backings box' that was never going to back much of anything and I cut that in half to make a piece long enough to match the piece I had already torn off the quilt back, sewed those together and then added the new piece a little into the middle of the quilt back rather than just adding it to the edge.

Now it looks like I pieced the back this way intentionally, and here is a pic of the finished quilt
 yes, the binding is on it now... I used the dark teal/turquoise for the binding.  all done.  what's next?


  1. Forging ahead - I love it!

  2. ooops, yep, I came out short also was while I was quilting the whole thing on the longarm. YIKES, how did THAT happen? I seriously dunnno. But, when I noticed, it was WHILE I was quilting the leader (canvas) cloth to the top and batting (since there was no backing left). OMGosh, UGH...and a few other "ugly" words.

    I "pretty" sure I measured too...but, YA know...that might be ONLY in my head. =P

    I had to take it all off...unpicking the quilting off of the leader. Stitch additional backing on...

    In the end, it wasn't as big of a nightmare as I had thought. Piecing the back - at the beginning just to make sure there is enough - is a good idea =)

    =) new follower =)

  3. I think this might be one of those mistakes that all long-armers make at least once.... we learn the lesson the hard way, and get very careful after that. I'm sure if I had not already quilted a quilt onto my leader some years ago, I would not have been so cautious. Now I always double check to make sure the back is going to reach and those red snappers make it even easier.

  4. I admire you ingenuity. Most of the time my mistakes don't show up until it is lots and lots of work to repair.

  5. I would have said a few nasties if it were me.
    It definately looks like you pieced it like that on purpose.
    Looking forward to meeting you at the Newbee session in a couple weeks. I just sent you an email about it.
    I've enjoyed reading your blog.
    Deedee is a sweetie. I have a Westie (Otis) and a Gordon Setter (Annie).


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