Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little work around the house - in the mud!

The retaining wall along the side of the house was getting scary - rotting wood, nasty, etc. so had to have it replaced.  The gents from Bakers Landscaping said they would be here Tuesday morning... I woke up to pouring rain, and thought to myself..... "no way they will show up in this weather!"

Much to my surprise - they arrived promptly and got right to work.... in the pouring rain!

tools, mud, more mud.....

camera shy...

I made a pot of "Winter Soup" while they worked....

seriously, I turned this pic before I uploaded it....  just touch your left ear to your shoulder.....

didn't they do a nice job of cleaning up?
I am so happy with our new retaining wall... they did it all in only 4 hours, and yes, I gave them hot soup! 
They deserved more, but that seemed to make them happy!


  1. They did a great job in spite of the weather! I would have thought they would have rescheduled.

  2. Great job. So nice of you to give them some hot soup after the wet work. Enjoy the new wall.

  3. These guys are great to deal with - I only wish they had a website that I could post a link to....


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