Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art Quilt Wednesday

In about an hour, I'll be taking my traveling DSM, picking up a friend, and heading to a day of art quilting fun with my "creative quilt guild sisters".  Not that all quilters aren't creative! 

Today's project will involve random strippy piecing ala Rayna Gillman.  We are following the directions in her recent article for Quilting Arts Magazine

Each of us is taking a bag of scraps... I'm just hoping I don't bring home more than I take!

This issue of Quilting Arts, btw, may be the best issue since the first issue - don't miss it!  It is jammed with fun and inspiration for fiber folk.

maybe later I'll post some pics - be good!

love, granny


  1. what is a DSM?.
    On your say so I have just order the magazine, thanks for the link.
    Its great,a digital download, I received it almost instantly and its cheaper than any other magazine I can buy.
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Hi Sheila, hope you like Quilting Arts Mag - it's one of my faves! so, sew, so many talented authors!

  2. @ aubirdwoman DSM is domestic sewing machine.
    Hope you had a great time creating today!


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