Monday, September 17, 2012

Daffycat Day TUSAL check in for September

Here's my update for September... well it's hard to call it an update since this is the first time I've posted TUSAL.

My ORTs are present and accounted for... on the day of the new moon!
full quart!
August journal page - based on a song or movie - I know, this shows my age...

this is my humble addition to a progressive quilt...

just a little orange and purple...
this has been made into a travel pillow - and is now on display at Zara's Place!

my second paper pieced tree has found a home on my Ackfield Wire table top quilt stand!

yes, I'm doing a winter quilt in greens... go figure! 
 This (above) is the third of the three panels in the Crabapple Hill Quilts pattern ... started last January while dh was in surgery getting his new pacemaker.  This panel is going MUCH faster than the other two!

I made 9 tea wallets so far... these little things are sew addictive! - see my tutorial for these!
Here's a link to the wallet tutorial
I also free motion quilted this little bag - and discovered that installing a zipper on a curve is a lot more 'interesting' than a straight one!

So that's it for today - I've decided to shop for a prettier container - maybe an elegant tall vase?  I was so sure I still had that enormous brandy snifter from Princess House... but it's either been broken, given away, or is really good at hiding!

Now, if you'd like to know what the other 400 or so Totally Useless Stitch A Long'ers are storing their snippets in... check out Daffycat's blog for the linkups!


  1. Okay, so I'm really out of the loop - what's an ORT? Love your new background!

    1. I'm not 100% sure... but I think it stands for Old Ragged Threads...
      if someone stopping by knows for sure, please post it in a comment so we can all know!

  2. I am glad she asked LOL.
    Your projects look so cute. I made the Over the River quilt. Well I made the top anyway. I did mine in I think any color is great!

    1. thanks, Beth - did you make it the same as the pattern? I'm thinking that will be too big for my wall... I might make an 'adjustment' in the size of the blocks.

  3. Can you link to your tea wallet tutorial? :)

  4. Lovely ORTs!

    I have you on the TUSAL guest list now!


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