Saturday, January 5, 2013

a little FOCUS, a lot of progress

My word of the year for last year was FOCUS - and it worked well!  I had my long dreaded cataract surgery, can now drive without glasses, and can do most things sans glasses, except thread a needle!  I  also have been trying to FOCUS on ONE THING at a TIME!  I'm easily distracted, see, so, ummm....

Yesterday I f-i-n-a-l-ly finished quilting my "Golden Gate" quilt.  It is a Full Bed size - and is now ready for binding - and last night we slept under it!  so, today I'll bind it, but I love it more than I thought I would now that it's on the bed!  Somehow, once a quilt is on a bed, the little mistakes that upset me so much while I was quilting it just don't show up.  The overall effect puts the whole project into perspective.  Yes, Finished is much better than Perfect!

On Thursday, I spent most of the afternoon playing with paint - and my Gelli Plate - and whatever paper, card stock, or ______ I could find that I could smack some paint on!  I have been saving a couple of 'obsolete' spiral bound books full of maps - the paper is a little thin, but I love the way these came out with just a hint of the map showing through on most of the pages.  I also grabbed a drab brown photo storage box that needed a little interest and put a bit of paint on the lid & sides of that.  It needs much more paint... so maybe I'll get to smear some more paint around later today - after I get that binding on - painting is too much fun.  I'm thinking of painting cigar boxes next...

Oh, I almost forgot - I'll be a participant in the "Dare to Dresden" blog hop - see the link button on the right... my day is January 30th!  I have a quilt to share (at the moment it's a flimsy) and at least one other Dresden block is already finished - more to come!  Mark your calendar!

If I remember, I'll edit this and insert some pictures of the Gelli Plate results....  given time - and focus!


  1. I never had a Gelli plate! I guess I need to look into this...
    Happy 2013 to you!!

  2. Sounds like lots of painting fun.
    The quilt is a Beauty. My word this year is FOCUS! I tell people that I have quilter/crafter ADD. LOL I want to try to keep at a project until it is done. Then I will have no new UFOs. ;)
    Happy New Year

  3. Thanks for the visit - and I too selected focus as my word for this year because I tend to get easily distracted - hope it works for me!

  4. Thea your quilt is terrific. Congrats on the finish. I agree once they're on the bed the little 'quirks' disappear.


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