Tuesday, June 11, 2013

nope, still lost....

well, really, I'm not lost today - but my blogger reading list is gone...  for over a week the list links were not working.  now the list is completely gone.  I'm a little upset, since I got up early this morning to read the latest blog news and it now tells me that I do not follow ANY blogs!!!!  of all the nerve.

now I did have the good sense to copy the whole list, so I do have a record of the blogs I was following, but now will need to find them all again and 're-follow' to create another reading list.

this is not the result I was hoping for when I sent the feedback about the error code I was getting on the links.... sigh...

sorry, Madame Samm, SewCalGal, PatSloan, and about a hundred others... I'll find you all again soon, I hope!


  1. happens to me sometimes. usually if I refresh the blogger page two or three times the list comes back. Hope yours does too

  2. That has been happening to me, but it has always come back. I better copy my list too just in case.

  3. the list is back, but the links still are not working....

  4. links are now working... at least for today - so I'm catching up on my blog reading and hope to post a new blog entry soon as well.


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