Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking Stock and Counting Crows

In Native American terminology, 'counting coup' referred to the number of battles or skirmishes in which the warrior won - especially winning without shedding blood.  It was also a way of recording the tribal history. 
So I consider it a 'coup' if I manage to finish a quilt project without acquiring any injury.  In looking around to 'count crow' in my sewing room I found several bundles of blocks waiting to be assembled into quilts, a '4 patch posey' quilt top waiting to have the pieced borders applied (and I know those borders are finished and hiding nearby somewhere!) and a small finished top all sandwiched and ready for quilting!  I had the camera and was snapping pics as I went to remind myself about these 'finds' and proceeded to the Grotto level where there are several patient tops waiting in 'Flimsyville' with thread/batting/backs all ready to leap joyously onto the HQ16 frame - which may take a week or so to accomplish as the table is currently suffering the post holiday trauma of last minute gift wrappings.

It is really a challenge this quarter to narrow the list down to what I can realistically expect to finish, but here goes:
1 - Myrtle Beach Houses - the pastel house blocks were won as block of the month drawing while I was a member of the Amador Valley Quilters in Pleasanton CA - I loved being a member of that guild and hated leaving CA back in  '97...  I decided to add tree blocks between the houses, which took several seasons of hand applique, but managed to finish the top at a delightful retreat in Greensburg PA back in ....ummmm.... well, never mind, it's ready for quilting and that's what matters.  I'm hoping to enter this quilt in a show this spring - the deadline is fast approaching!
Here's a little peek:
this is the backing and border fabric - shy little thing, it is!

2 - 2009 Calendar Quilt - a Pat Sloan adventure - that was a tough year - really deep snow, flooded basement, yuk!  I was hoping this quilt would be full of pleasant memories! I spent a few years recuperating but I'm ready to finish this top now:

this is sideways... Blogger won't let me change it... sorry!

3 - Streak of Luck 2012 Sampler - started as a 'Streak of Luck' sampler class when 'Creative Stitches Cafe' opened - I loved teaching this class - and the students teach me so much!

hubby is so helpful - he makes an excellent quilt stand!

There are lots more, of course.  I'll be working on several quilt tops in tandem with these finishes - some have deadlines coming in a few weeks - but progress is not the same as FINISHED - is it?   This has given me an opportunity to photograph the current status of the inventory - a good exercise in restraint for me as so many go back such a long time!

My 'New Year Resolution' is always the same... Finish more than I start!  Starting is my strength, but Finishing is always a challenge.  I'm hoping this FAL will motivate me to have LOTS of finishes this year!


  1. Ah yes, the *other* things that also sidle in, isn't that how we end up with so many WIPs in the first place? lol Good luck!

  2. Lots of beauties waiting for their turn to be done. :) I am a great starter as well. Not such a great finisher. Good luck getting a handle on those UFOs

  3. much luck in finishing in 2014. May it be the year we both conquer the Wips....


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