Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greensburg Modern Quilt Guild and a drive over the mountain...

For "Make a Difference Day" the Greensburg Modern Quilt Guild joined together to start a new quilt from "Habitat" fabrics....

Mary, Judy and Kathleen with their blocks

Mary, Kathleen...... and ME..... working on our blocks!
We had six blocks finished, and enjoyed a lot of conversation, pattern patter, and sewing tips!

The next day, Sunday, was a beautiful- sunny- bright- perfect- day- for- a- drive kind of day.  So, Kathy and I took a break from our sewing machines and went off to enjoy a little foliage before the fall rains wash it all into the gutters!
The pull off was the site of a former restaurant built in the shape of a ship that had burned years ago... but the rubble remains.   I still find it amazing that anything was ever built on this spot!  It must be a bad spot for fires, because there was a car that pulled off and burned here more recently - altho not much evidence of that remained....
The view is still spectacular, and worth the drive!
 Looking south/southeast towards Somerset, PA
and as the sun got lower on the horizon... there was another photo op!
Then we stopped for a nice dinner on the way home! 

Hoping your weekend was also lovely, 
hugs & smoochies,

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