Thursday, October 6, 2011

how remove sticky tags from fabric...

A fat quarter often has a label on it - price tag or other wise - and most of the time they peel right off without a struggle.  However, once in a while that label has been on that fabric for way too long - and it refuses to come off without a fight!

Recently, while pressing a fat quarter, I noticed that the label had not come completely off... there were still 'label remnants' stuck to the right side of that fabric.  However, it peeled right off while the fabric was still hot from the iron!

I could have saved myself so much time if I'd only known this sooner....  Just press it from the wrong side (not the label itself - the 'other side') until it's nice and hot - then it peels right off!  Sew simple, everyone should know this trick... but I've never seen it before.

If you test this on other fabrics... make sure the heat of the iron isn't too high for the fabric you are pressing.  Wool, silk, rayon, and polyester blends can't take the high temp that cotton and linen take.

Save your scraps and selvedges in big plastic jars like this pic I found on C&T's blog:


  1. Great tip Thea. I have had that problem with stickers on fabric too.

  2. How did you know I had that very same problem!lol
    Thanks for the tip!!!!!


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