Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

I honestly don't know how the years go by sew fast... but here's a little review of what I accomplished last year:
I finished this . . .
Made a bunch (5 or 6?) of these kitty beds . . .
took a few trips... mostly to quilt shows, one to a Bead Fest and sometimes just to see the ones I love.

In short, I enjoyed my family, my friends and my sewing, art and crafty projects.
I taught others to craft, dye, sew and quilt.
I thrived in the love of a wonderful husband.
I traveled - to NY, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia -
not far from home, but far enough to appreciate home when we returned!

I invite you to form a list of all the places you went last year, all the things you made (besides $) and most of all, all the people who love you.  It's amazing how good life is when you see it from the right angle!

sew on!


  1. Thea, you were busy. Lots of travel too.
    I hope 2012 is an even better year.

  2. A lovely idea Thea. Off to compose a post rightnow.
    Happy New Year to You and Your Loved Ones.


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