Monday, July 29, 2013

a busy summer

Hello again,

This is my only post for July - my wrist is in a brace, and typing is a challenge.  It's nothing serious - just a little broken bone which is healing - but it is awkward.

Summer sewing has included considerable progress on the hexie medallion thanks to the generous provisions of my Sloanie Forum friends Carol & Barbara for providing me with the very difficult to find fabric needed for my next round!
I also have been putting the bindings on 5 "Quilts for Kids" - I've done the quilting and binding on these tops made by members of the Greensburg Modern Quilt Guild during the past season.  I have really been dragging my feet with these bindings, but progress of any kind is still progress!  Four are done and one is waiting...

love this machine binding method from Pat Sloan!

I'm really trying to finish these before the end of the month, which is only 2 days away!  Check back soon.  I only have today to finish these since I have Dr appt tomorrow and a quilter's play date the day after...

I'm assuming (always a dangerous thing) that you are busy too - leave me a comment and let me know what you are doing this summer!



  1. Glad to hear you are healing, but how sad to have a broken bone - especially in the summer!

    1. it could have been so much worse - I'm grateful it is only one tiny wrist bone, and not something really major!

  2. yikes-hope your wrist heals up fast! and you got that last binding done, tho' I think it must be a bit more difficult with a wrist brace! I need to work on a couple Quilts for Kids, I've let that slide this year (boo me).

    1. last of the kid quilts was done on Tues 7/30 now I have a cast on til 8/27 - which is so much worse than the brace! I'm a terrible 'patient'!


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