Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer winds down....

For everything there is a Season, and a Time for every purpose under Heaven.
Ecclesiastes Ch 3
Leaves change colors and fall to the ground… must be raking time!
Cooling weather reminds me that there is much to do around the garden and chores to prepare the house for winter weather.
Of course, I would rather play with paint in my studio…
This is what I’ve been doing lately:
stencil on brown paper (from a feed sack)

stencils on tape and cereal boxes

new stencil tryout on a journal page

craft box made from blue jeans

free motion words on the Bernina

fantastic stencil fun...

pockets for pens
It's almost quilting season...
Hope you enjoyed the visit!


  1. Love the denim box with the funky 70s lining :)

  2. cool craft box --love the dancing girl!

  3. Is there a pattern for the box? That's awesome!

    1. the box came from a tutorial on Jane LaFazio's blog...


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