Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If knitting were an Olympic event...

While watching the Olympics last Sunday I knit this little bag (called a "Lipstick & Change") purse.  The chain fits over a ladies wrist - perfect for date night!

It took another day to felt/full it and wait for it to dry, then yesterday I attached the frame and sewed on the little beads.  This came in a kit available from RaggZ Fiber Art in Forbes Road.  Easy & quick to knit in yummy colors - you could easily make 2 from each kit, if you buy an extra purse frame.

LACI's in Berkeley carries similar purse frames without handles - for a 'change purse style.
I expect to make more of these little bags using this frame - it comes in antique gold, antique silver, and silver.  that little loop on the frame is just right for attaching a charm.

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