Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring!

At Last...  the First Day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox, the day I start looking forward to on the first day of Winter... has arrived!

The sap is rising, the buds on the maple trees are swelling... and the crocus are pushing their way to the surface....  this is a stock pic - mine never looked this good!

Do you follow the Old Farmers Almanac?  We always had a copy of it around the house when I was a kid... now it's online, like everything else!

Having survived yet another cold nasty Northern Hemisphere Season is reason enough to celebrate.  And here's another!
Did you know that RITA's Italian Ice celebrates the first day of Spring with generosity?  This is not a commercial... just a show of appreciation!  Free Italian Ice!  Love it!

Hope you are having a Blossoming Good Day! 

...and to all my friends and readers in the Southern Hemisphere... I hope your winter is milder than the one that we have endured here this year!



  1. Not feeling like spring yet. But better than bitter cold and snow

    1. agreed - but at least we are not shoveling the snow I drove thru today!

  2. since its all of 20 here and the wind chill is frigid, I envy anything resembling flowers. Tried to convince myself that the white on the ground was flower petals so thick they looked like snow, but alas, it was truly snow. Happy spring!

    1. we were up to 30 here today ... every little bit helps!


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