Friday, January 29, 2016

Kindness - Pass It On - A Challenge

February is the month of Love. 

Obviously, it is also the month of Kindness.  The two go together well.

It is easy to do kind things for those we love.  The challenge?  To do something nice for a stranger, or someone who doesn't seem to like us, or someone who has been rude to us in the past - that is a challenge.   

Below is a link to the 2016 acts of kindness challenge.  Please participate, especially if you have children, or work with them.

Years ago, I was on my way home using public transportation.  The transfer stations had automated kiosks where you could insert your cash or credit card to buy a ride.  I was using a machine next to a woman who was desperately searching in her purse for change.  She was getting emotional, her train was due any minute, and she didn't have enough on her pass to reach her stop.  I asked her how much she needed.  Her accent was so strong, I had to ask her to repeat her answer several times.  Finally, I realized she was only a quarter short of her fare.  I had a handful of change, so I gave her a quarter.  No big deal to me, right?  She was frantic, wanting to know how to repay me.  Seriously, as though nobody had ever done anything kind for her in her life!  I explained to her that my 'folks' would just do something nice for somebody else because 'pass it on' was a way of life for us.  She was baffled.  It just did not translate. 

She had to run to catch her train, I was going the opposite direction.  I never saw her again, but I've always wondered if the 'pass it on' concept ever got through to her.  I wonder whether anybody else ever did anything kind for her.

I would not have survived this long without the kindness of others.  I've known that most of my life.

Please do me a favor....  In the comments section below, tell me about how someone did something kind for you - or about you doing a kindness for someone else.

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